Bhandari’s in top form

April 29 2012

For a position in the International Court of Justice for Justice Dalbir Bhandari, not only did the Indian’s ambassador to the US push for his name but so did several other non-resident Indians all over the world. The surprising thing is that NRI businessman Angshuman Mishra, who has come into limelight because of the controversy of nomination to the Rajya Sabha from Jharkhand, was also in New York and gunning for Bhandari. It is worth mentioning here that Mishra has businesses in the US, too, and has several friends who are businessmen, politicians and diplomats. Not only was Angshuman moving around gathering support for Bhandari, but was also in constant touch with his friends in Indian media and was giving them a blow-by-blow account of the proceedings. Thus, the first SMS the Indian media got about Justice Bhandari’s victory was from Mishra, and it read like, “We won in the United Nations’ General Assembly and Security Council, Dalbir Bhandari is now the judge for ICJ.” Wish Mishra realised that rather than Ranchi, New York is a better place for him.

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