A little party of big people

January 17 2011

BJP President Nitin Gadkari s pretty serious about the UP elections and wants the party to win at least a 100 seats in the 2012 Vidhan Sabha elections. For this the party is concentrating on those from the higher caste, non-Yadav backward caste and the dalit votes. With Rajnath Singh in the lead, a team has been formed along with Kalraj Mishra and Saudan Singh. The entire state has been divided into six parts and 10 teams will be formed for the same. Gadkari has also indicated that money will not be a constraint for the elections. He had arranged Rs 50 lakh for the Kanpur rally. But only money and double-faced people don’t an election make. The party needs a young and charismatic leader like Varun Gandhi. The big question is how the party will bring him back into mainstream politics, when the party is fast becoming a small party of big people

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