Why the big fish slipped?

May 07 2010

The darkness is yet to clear from several unexplained layers of the alleged Madhuri Gupta spy case and in the intelligence circles the debate has indeed started on whether this is the outcome of the internal tussle between the IFS and the IFS (B) lobby. Sources say Madhuri had in the past got quite close to an officer incharge of the
Raw desk. Then the two fell out and the matter came to such a passé that the senior Raw officer lodged a written complaint against Madhuri that she used to meet certain suspected persons and ever since Madhuri had come under surveillanc e in her service. But the moot question is did Madhuri have access to the `key classified information’ of the intelligence department? In the intelligence departments, the most sensitive files have “for your eyes only’’ written on them. On files that are less sensitive than these, are written the words “top
secret’’, “secret’’, “confidential’’ and then in the end “general’’. Madhuri did not even have access to those general files. During her posting to Pakistan, her duty only entailed preparing the English translation of the stories appearing in the Urdu newspapers. Sometimes, she would stay with the Indian High Commissioner as a translator. As far as the matter of leaking the list of the Indian spies is concerned, then this list of IFS officers is available all
over and those whose posting is not on the civil list come under the needle of suspicion. Therefore Madhuri was merely a small fish, the intelligence agencies are still to reach to the big player.

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