Beni’s bane

September 26 2011

Beni Prasad Verma is trying to focus on UP and is working on his image makeover project in full steam. Gonda, which is also his constituency is seeing a lot of hand pumps being put (the work is being done by a PSU). Big banners, cut-outs, hoardings, posters of Verma was being put up. TV and newspapers are also printing advertisements with his mug frequently. Beni’s work is being taken care of by two extremely close people to him – RCP Singh and Sheetal Singh. When he was the information minister, RCP Singh used to be his PS. Beni’s current PS Raveesh Kumar is also said to be close to RCP. He is also close to Nitish for his caste analysis. Sheetal Singh is a part-time journalist and a businessman in Delhi is also had a great camaraderie with Joint Secretary U P Singh. Together, RCP and Sheetal in a way control Beni Prasad’s entire office dealings and have a big say in all the decisions taken by the office.

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