Budhha’s Buddhisms

February 27 2011

Not in a Bangla newspaper, but the current chief minister of West Bengal Buddhdeb Bhattacharya has conceded in a Malayali newspaper, Malayala Manorama, that this time the Left Party may not come to power in the state. But he also said that like always, the party will continue to work for the people of the state. It is worth noting that the journalist to whom Buddhadeb spoke is said to be extremely close to CPM Secretary Prakash Karat. He had given a lengthy interview to the same journalist on his birthday and spoken how he had fallen in love with Brinda. In the interview, Buddhadeb emphasized that he had no differences with Karat and it was only rumours by the media. That means Buddha is all set to woo the party secretary even before he has lost the Bengal elections.

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