Handling too many rivals

March 29 2010

Bihar Assembly elections are drawing close, but the infighting in Congress is still on. Bihar Congress president Anil Sharma and State in-charge Jagdish Tytler used to get along well once but today they cannot even see eye to eye. Both these leaders are camping in Delhi and are emptying their coffers of allegations and counter-allegations before the high command. It is understood that that the duo of Pappu Yadav and Ranjita Ranjan, which had sounded the bugle of revolt against Anil Sharma, had the blessings of Tytler with them. And to lodge their protest against Anil Sharma, Shakil Ahmed, Mohammad Keshar
and Shammi Ujjan of the minority community, Dalit leader Ashok Ram, Sanjiv Toni, Yadav leaders Pappu and Ranjita, Sadhu Yadav, Hind Kesri Yadav, Sheel Yadav, Brahmin leaders Vijay Shanker Dubey, Kumud Jha, Thakur leaders Dhanraj Singh, Shyama Sinha, Lovely Anand, leader of Bhoomihars Mahachandra Singh and Ramjatan Sinha have all come together. So, Anil Sharma’s departure is being considered almost certain and it is also possible that as soon as Sharma leaves Bihar
Congress may get a new in-charge too.

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