Gunning for one’s own

March 07 2010

Varun Gandhi has always seen his cousin brother Rahul hit the headlines, therefore in the changed circumstances, he has acquired the knack of gauging which way the political wind is blowing. So he has also shown some haste in having a firm grip over the political
developments. While the BJP appears lifeless in the U.P., Varun has in the barren terrain of that very U.P. organised a number of big rallies. First Sultanpur, and then that rally of Bulandshahr in which about 35,000 to 40,000 people had turned up. After this, Varun is organising a rally in Saharanpur and after that in Jaunpur and in this way he has planned about a dozen and a half rallies. The entire Congress appears united in projecting his cousin brother Rahul as the
prince of the party. And then there is Varun, who is engaged in writing a new political chapter while swimming against the waves. And his party is busy trying to uproot him and his efforts.

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