“Big Wig” Daddy

August 10 2010

We are talking about a minister from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s Cabinet who is from Karnataka. His obsession for looking good and dressing well goes to the extreme. But his hairline backed out at a crucial time and so he started to wear a ‘wig’. When he was a state’s chief minister and was getting off a helicopter to attend an election rally, his wig flew away due to the wind, got trapped in the helicopter rotor and was reduced to shreds. The security men around him put a towel on his head to keep his dignity intact. (Sadly there were to news channels around at that time or this juicy bit of news would have been all over the air waves). Since then, all helicopters were given an unsaid instruction to close the rotor when the minister was getting on of getting of it. But recently when the minister was in his constituency on a tour and the rotor was accidentally on, he deftly kept his hand on his head while getting off the helicopter and averted an unpleasant scene. As for the pilots, suffice it to say they were pulled up severely.

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