How Big B bent over

September 26 2011

Once Amar Singh went to jail and got unwell, the closely confident to the Thakur leader, Jaya Prada, started to run down Amitabh who was Amar’s elder brother in his hey-days and his other friends. The result was that within two days Amitabh was there to ask Amar after his health, along with his daughter. Sanjay Dutt and Tina bhabhi went, too. It is said that this two-hour meeting between Amar Singh and Amitabh was highly emotional. Initially Amar Singh wasn’t ready to forgive bade bhaiya for all the emotional atyachaar. But when the chill between relationships thawed, gurgling streams of love burst forth. Big B also said that he really wanted to go and meet Amar in Tihar but his busy schedule got the better of him. But somewhere inside, Amar was still hurt that Jaya bhabhi didn’t come to see him.

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