The government wants to scare Baba

July 03 2011

It seems the Congress has gotten over the black-shades clad Baba and Baba Ramdev’s complicated moves. That is why Sonia took a flight to Italy without a doubt. So now consider the Cabinet expansion postponed for 10-12 days. It will all happen only when madam is back in the country. For now the Congress is trying to deal with the Babe episode as best as it can. The ED and the CBDT are doing their work and apart from the purchase of Astha-Jaagran channels, the sale and purchase of an island in Scotland is also being keenly looked at. Baba had bought this island from an NRI Poddar family. It is the controlling office for all the programmes that are conducted overseas. It is also being said that the atmosphere of the place is such that if homosexual couples come to this island and live here, their homosexual habits change.

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