Enough, Bahuguna!

June 29 2013

The inability of the state machinery to deal with the calamity in Uttarakhand is there for all to see. If our able army had not come forward and worked day and night, the number of deaths and those trapped would have been much more. The moot question is what took so long for the relief work to start? Why did the Uttarakhand government not ask for help from the army before? Why, despite such a big calamity hitting the state, Bahuguna kept all sensibilities at stake and kept trying to go to Switzerland and cancelled the trip only after a dressing down by the Centre? Why did the disaster management team not spring into action despite a tour by the prime minister and Sonia. If sources are to be believed, Rahul wanted to remove Bahuguna instantly from the chief minister’s post, but Sonia is ready to give him some more time.

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