Enough already, Digvijay

July 18 2011

The Mumbai air still reeks of the explosion, and ammonium nitrate seems to have seeped into people’s lungs, all breaths are still connected to the IID and at such a time and a vote mercenary like Digvijay Singh is still trying to spread panic among people. With the name of Hindu terrorism, these are the same people who were against SIMI being banned. After 9/11, when SIMI was banned in 2001, it slowly developed into a new outfit, the Indian Mujahiddin, whose connections were traced to the local blasts in Bengaluru, Varanasi, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Mumbai. The same outfit is said to be behind the Mumbai blasts, so be is Taukeer, Safdar Narogi, Abu Basheer or Kayamuddin Kapadia, mostly it was joined by educated young professionals. Sixty of its terrorists are still languishing in the Sabarmati prison, and despite all this, our intelligence agencies don’t have sufficient and solid dossier against the IM. Isn’t that a little surprising?

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