Trivedi’s the scapegoat

October 30 2011

Relations between Dinesh Trivedi and Mamata Banerjee have soured. Mamata feels that Trivedi doesn’t have very good relations with other Trinamool Parliamentarians. Trivedi, on the other hand, has started to sideline all those in the railway ministry who were close to Mamata. People such as Ratan Mukherji, Jayanto Saha, Ashok Subramaniam and said to be dissatisfied with the new railway minister’s way of working. As a PS, Trivedi has brought in a woman IAS from the West Bengal cadre. She is a Punjabi and is called Omita Paul in hushed voices. It is said that when Mamata met Trivedi in Kolkata recently, she let her displeasure known about Trivedi preferring to meet industrialists at his home instead of his office in the railway ministry. All in all, Trivedi’s train may get off the track any time.

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