Modi’s opponents are outraged

July 05 2010

Gujarat’s SIT chief Raghavan’s new strategy has left the Modi government shell-shocked. The SIT’s only goal is to catch Modi in its trap and tighten the noose and has actually made a war plan for the same. For the case, Raghavan’s hired Mumbai’s famous lawyer K G Menon, whose annual fees alone is Rs 2 crore. This lawyer’s fees will have to be paid by the Gujarat government itself. Now the government is in a dilemma – it obviously doesn’t want to shower the same person with money who has come to create big problems for the government’s head. But it will have to do the needful since the Centre’s watching the government’ every move. It may be noted that the Gujarat government has been incapable in paying its state lawyers for the past one-and-half years. But who will go and tell Raghavan this and if Modi creates a murmur about this, there will fingers pointing at him from the Congress’s side.

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