Rahul Gandhi is changing

April 22 2012

Winds of change are flowing over the Congress. The UP elections have taught Rahul Gandhi another lesson in politics. In Rahul’s old older ways of politics, two political specialists Zoya Hassan and Sudha Pai, had a lot of influence. Rahul would heed to their political advice. All the data would be collated and then fed into the computer and then analysed. Any grassroots level leaders who would want to place their point in front of Rahul were told to his office and put forward the point they wanted to discuss and that they should say in concise whatever they had to, to Rahul. Such leaders would barely get any time to meet such leaders and now Rahul is tracking them down and talking to them. Rahul has now started to place a lot of importance on Rajiv-Sonia advisors and is listening to what they have to say and heeding their suggestions. Rahul has already had a long conversation with Sonia’s political secretary Patel, and the discussions have lasted over three rounds. All in all, Rahul is changing himself to change the Congress.

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