Modi is changing

December 26 2012

After a hat-trick in the Gujarat elections, Narendra Modi may now put all his attention to the Lok Sabha elections that are due in 2014. For Modi, the biggest challenge at present is the image that he doesn’t believe in teamwork, is a one-man army and does not pay too much respect to Sangh and carried the Sanghathan in his pocket, is a fanatic Hindu, does whatever he wants to, does not take people along with him, and does not listen to people. So, in the days to come, Modi may have to increase the reach of his ears, his stature and heart. The first thing in the strategy would be to get Keshubhai Patel back in the BJP. Then he can encourage Keshubhai’s daughter or son to join active politics. And then he can join the fray of trying to win as many Lok Sabha seats in Gujarat as possible.

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