Smriti in a new avatar

August 07 2016

India’s new textile minister has emerged in a new avatar. She’s come far from her days as the HRD minister, when madam would walk past Parliamentarians, while many a time their greetings to her went unanswered. She would also not take the pains to go to Central Hall or sit there, and knew only a handful of Parliamentarians by name. Nowadays, Irani is reaching out to them with humility, is interacting with them freely, and ever since she had taken charge of the new ministry, she has also started visiting the Central Hall and spending time with other Parliamentarians. She graciously asks for the introductions of those whose names she doesn’t know. Badal family’s daughter-in-law and Central minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal is facing a similar dilemma nowadays. She has probably sensed the winds of change blowing through Punjab. There was a time when the Parliament would witness her aggressive avatar. Now, she is the very picture of calm and patience. Even while answering questions in the Parliament, she tries hard to maintain a humble demeanor. Like they say, there is no better teacher than time – it makes you learn every pleasant and unpleasant lesson in life.

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