Rajnath in a new avatar

May 07 2013

In his second innings at the BJP national party president Rajnath Singh is in a different avatar. Even his opponents are surprised by his proactive image. Once keeping his distance from the media, this Thakur politician has not only changed his demeanour and body language but is pretty candid with journalists on a personal level, too. Rajnath wants that in this Parliamentary elections, UP should be his calling card. Thus, he seems to be bent upon a makeover for the party in the state. On Sunday when he was about the board a flight to Bareilly on a special plane from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi airport, he chanced upon Kalraj Mishra at the special lobby, who was taking a regular flight with his family to Lucknow. Rajnath didn’t give too much importance to Mishra there. And then contrary to his usual approach, he gave a great speech at Varun Gandhi’s rally. The speech had thunder, portrayed self-confidence and was eloquent. Coming back with journalists on the flight, Rajnath left his usual approach and spoke to journalists straight from the heart. Naturally, he earned quite a number of fans on that special flight.

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