Mamata di, something’s changed

July 24 2010

Mamata didi has changed – she has become more beauty and health conscious. She’s paying far more attention to her makeover than to the Railway Ministry. She’s sworn off anything that is fried and has just bought herself two treadmills, one for Delhi and one for Kolkata. She’s on it at 7 in the morning for an hour, come what may. When she’s in Delhi in the Railway Ministry, she’s out brisk walking in the corridors of the ministry. She walks the corridors half a dozen times and the entire act is worth watching. Following didi on her brisk walks are her secretary, OCD, personal body guards walking as fast as they can – While walking, sometimes she disappears into the VIP quote release room or into the chambers of the Cabinet Secretary for a breather. She may have gained a lot of political clout recently, but she has lost as much as 10 kg weight. Now she’s even started to pay attention to the beauty tips by actresses in the party. There’s talk that she has even got a beauty therapy done for her face. Didi’s changing – after all she’s the one who’ll have to change West Bengal.

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