Amar’s difficulties set to increase

September 04 2011

There seems to be no end in sight to Amar Singh’s problems. After his name has appeared in the “cash for vote” scam, there has been demand that he be removed from the Parliament’s permanent committee. On the other hand, the issue of Rs 26 crore as donation to the Clinton Foundation is again rearing its ugly head. It is believed that the matter is being investigated more quickly and the crime branch is going to present its report to the concerned department for further proceedings. A lawyer, Vishvanath Chaturvedi, who is said to be close to several prominent Congress ministers, talked about the issue for the first time and had gone to the court about it, saying he suspected Hawala money being used for the transaction. The Reserve Bank had also clarified that it had not being asked for permission for any such amount and the lawyer had then complained to the ED about the same. Now that the Congress has to sort out several issues with Amar, it is trying its best to use the issue as a weapon against him.

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