The cost of too much talk

November 06 2011

A prominent English channel’s head (whom Sharad Yadav attaced openly) has his job in danger. Counted among the biggest media houses in the country, this channel is seeing its owner becoming strict with their channel head. It is believed that in regards to a PF scam, the channel showed the picture of Justice P V Sawant in place of a district court judge. Sawant has also been the head of Press Council. So he immediately slapped a Rs 100 crore defamation case against the channel. After facing defeat in the district and high courts, the channel head has now knocked on the Supreme Court’s doors, and the court has asked the channel to submit Rs 20 crore in cash and Rs 80 crore as bank guarantee with the court. Now the owners of the channel are realising the price they are having to pay for opposing the Central government. And although the matter is still in court, the owners are trying to oust the channel head.

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