(Hindi) फेरबदल का फेर

January 17 2011

It seems there will definitely be a reshuffle of Manmohan’s Cabinet ministry. If reliable sources are to be believed, S M Krishna, C P Joshi, Mukul Vasnik and B K Handique may be out and if 10 Janpath has its way, Anand Sharma will be the foreign minister, while Manmohan Singh wants Kapil Sibal for the post. The prime minister has a long list of charges against Kamal Nath and political corridors are rife with banners and talks against him and he may see a change in portfolio. Jyotiraditya Scindia may have a promotion and become the state foreign minister. Salman Khurshid may also be given an important portfolio. Manmohan Singh also wants Montek Singh to not only become a minister in the Cabinet but also a part of the PMO at the state level. Ghulam Nabi Azad may also be given important responsibilities and he may be made incharge of Andhra Pradesh, but he doesn’t want to leave the minister’s post. S M Krishna may become the state’s new governor but wait and watch. It won’t take too long.

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