Fai’s India connection

July 26 2011

The moment Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai’s ISI relations came to light in the US, the ruckus about the same kicked off in India. The trustworthiness of the three-member panel, which is headed by a former editor of a newspaper, who is also considered to be close to the prime minister, is being questioned. It is worth mentioning that it is this panel that has been constantly advising the prime minister that the situation before 1953 should be brought back in Jammu and Kashmir. This thing has also come out in the open that the members of this panel have gone to the US several times at Fai’s expense. So now all that they have been saying is being looking into by our investigation agencies. What is the reality of these unnamed faces? How do they sell themselves so easily? And the US anyways knew about Fai for some time now, and the reason the issue has been brought to light now is also obvious.

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