Advani’s speech

September 05 2010

All 45 first timers in BJP, that is those who have become Parliamentarians for the first time, were taken to Jinjholi camp in Narela adjoining Delhi for political training. It was supposed to be a day’s affair, where Advani was the main speaker. But the arrangements for the camp were so bad that one doesn’t know where to begin complaining. As many as three people were accommodated in one room and they were woken up at an unearthly hour of 4 am. After morning rituals, exercise, yoga, sauna bath, and massage, it was time for breakfast of curd, parathas and vegetables at 9 am. One of the poor leader from Karnataka was bitten by a rat as he slept, and had to be vaccinated for rabies later. Anyways, Advani started speaking at 10, his speech went on for about two-and-a-quarter hours, by when most leaders were sleeping, other were dozing off and those in the first row were trying hard to keep their eyes open. And there was Advani, who every now and then would say, “Please take out your notebooks and make notes. If you put down the main points, it will be easy for you to remember it for the future.” But some of the BJP leaders who had defeated sleep said, “No sir, we will remember.” What were they talking about? Advani’s speech or the bitter experiences at the camp?

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