Rajnath come down heavily on the prabhari

July 18 2011

Gadkari got three different surveys done by agencies regarding UP. Rajnath Singh was number one in terms of popularity, then came Varun Gnadhi, followed by Uma Bharti. Then pressure was put on Rajnath that he should be made to contest the next elections as the prospective chief minister, but Rajnath wasn’t ready for the same. He is still focusing on the 2014 elections. He wasn’t even ready to become the UP head (his disciple Narendra Singh Tomar already holds that post). Rajnath’s reasoning was that after becoming the party president, becoming a prabhari doesn’t hold any meaning, and even Kushabhau Thakeray and Jena Krishnamurthy didn’t hold the post once they had become party presidents (Venkaiah Naidu being the only exception here). So the centre has asked him to stress on UP and Uttarakhand, and maybe that is why Kalraj Mishra is telling everyone with aplomb that Rajnath is not the state prabhari.

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