Mamata is miffed with Pranab

May 07 2012

Presidential elections have become a barometer of sorts to gauge the political equations in the state. It is believed that the ace lies with Trinamul’s Mamata Banerjee and whom the Congress is trying to appease in every way possible. Those close to Mamata were also indicating that Mamata has some doubts where Pranab Mukherjee is concerned. She has even acknowledged the fact in a covert way that in the past 11 months, she has met Pranab da 20 times, and the prime minister 10 times. It is clear that after assessing the state’s dismal financial situation, Mamata wants a big relief package from the Centre, to which the Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has refused several times. So Mamata has clearly stated it to her confidantes that she will lend her support for the Presidential candidate who at least listens to her. Is Pranab da listening?

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