Pranab complained about the PM to Sonia

October 11 2011

Before he left for Kolkata for Durga Pooja, Pranab da and Sonia had a crucial meeting. It is believed that Pranab da became overtly emotional during the meeting and got carried away with his emotions. He opened up his heart and mind to Sonia said that he feels that the PMO is targeting him for the past few days. Dada also took on the prime minister’s former chief secretary TKA Nair (who, now as a state minister, is the PM’s advisor), and said that the so-called 2G letter was a mere note that the PMO leaked only so that he and Chidambaram get into a tussle. According to Dada, it was “Because Nair and Anil Ambani get along really well, because of which I was also made a target, even though I hadn’t sent the letter to the JPC. Now Pulak babu (Pulak Chatterjee) has come and come and he will make everything clear.” Sonia carefully listened to everything Dada had to say but didn’t give him an assurance about the same.

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