What makes Pranab da angry?

November 19 2011

Pranab da has a short fuse nowadays. Headed by Meira Kumar, when an all-party meeting was on at the Parliament’s library, Communist Party’s Vasudeb Acharya asked some questions about the pension regulation, Pranab da got upset and said, “If you have some questions about the merit of the bill, do it in the Parliament – this is a meeting.” When Lalu spoke about making the names of those having accounts in Swiss banks public, Pranab da curtly replied, “The arrangement we have with the Swiss government is that we can pressurise the account holders to pay taxes on the money, but we can’t register a case against them in the court.” When Lalu was not satisfied with the answer, Pranab da got irritated and replied, “What have the past governments done about the black money?”

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