Saffron ticket for money

September 08 2013

The game of “Give money, get ticket” is on in Delhi BJP. If reliable sources with the BJP are to be believed, a team under Delhi BJP’s in-charge Nitin Gadkari has identified at least 14 such Assembly seats in Delhi where the chances of party candidates winning the seat are dim. These include seats such as Gandhi Nagar, Matia Mahal, Narela, Vishwas Nagar, Babarpur, Bawana, Badarpur, Okhla, Jangpura and Najafgarh. Those wanting to contest elections from these seats are being asked to quote a price for the seat; each one’s reserve price was said to be Rs 5 crore, which was later reduced to Rs 2 crore. But despite this when there was a paucity of people coming forward to contest the seats, a new formula was worked upon. According to this new formula, a panel of 10 party candidates was made for one Assembly seat. Just to become a part of the panel, every candidate is supposed to cough up Rs 5 lakh. Those who want to the among the top three candidates for the seat are being asked to give Rs 25 lakh, and those wanting to be among top two have to give Rs 50 lakh. Which means an organised attempt is on for the wheeling-dealing of the seats.

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