Security at a price

March 29 2010

India’s premier intelligence agency IB is about to get a new boss. A native of Bihar and a Himachal cadre officer Ajit Lal could be the next Director of IB. The biggest challenge before him would be to improve the deteriorating image of IB. For quite some time now it has been an open game of opportunism in IB. It is understood that there is a lot of problem in IB over VIP security and through the nefarious practise of give and take with the IB officers, several small timers are availing VIP security. Now it is known to all that such leaders and politicians get the reports of their choice made by greasing the palms of the IB officers and on the basis of these reports get Government security. Recently when the Government withdrew the Z plus
security of a big shot who is associated with Punjab, that person challenged the order of the Government in a court. Seeing the seriousness of the matter, the court also issued a “stay’’ in this matter. The matter was still pending in court that an officer of IB contacted this big shot and asked him for a price of his choice and said that if he would pay this amount then his Z plus security would be restored. Sources tell us that ever since a woman IPS officer has taken up an important post in IB, there has been a flood of such instances.

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