Pulkit’s pleased

July 31 2011

The party is upset that during the UPA-2, the PM is doing what he wants to and doesn’t listen to what the party has to say. When Pulkit Chatterjee, who is close to 10, Janpath, expressed his desire of being made the Cabinet secretary, the PM overruled it saying, “Whatever will happen will be according to seniority.” This “seniority” issue took with it Pranab da, who wanted to bring in his own Sumit Bose as the finance secretary. But according to seniority, the position went to R S Gujral. The party was most upset about T K A Nayyar and the PM was told that he wasn’t good for anything and that he couldn’t defend himself in the 2G scam and thus should be dropped. The PM dropped him but then made him his advisor. Now the PM wants to send Nayyar to Raj Bhavan. He doesn’t want to upset the Malayali lobby. People even say that Nayyar fell prey to the Mukesh-Anil rivalry because he was closed to Anil. It will be significant to see if Pulkit Chatterjee being made the principal secretary will make relations better between 10, Janpath and 7, Race Course.

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