10, Janpath happy with Puluk

September 26 2011

Ten Janpath and Sonia Gandhi has started to feel that somewhere down the line, her control over the government was loosening and she was also having to directly and indirectly bear the brunt of the PM and his government’s failures and bad press. So a new strategy was planned, wherein 10, Janpath loyalist Puluk Chatterjee replaced T K A Nair, who had been in the PMO for the past seven years. But the PM was not ready to let Nair go, and wanted to give him a post of a state minister and make him an advisor. On the other hand, 10, Janpath wants that he be made the governor of Rajasthan, the reason being that nowadays, Shivraj Patil has to take care of double responsibilities of Punjab as well as Rajasthan. Ten Janpath is fully aware that till such time Nair is around the prime minister, its loyalist and confidante, Puluk Chatterjee of the 1974 IAS cadre will not find it easy to do what Sonia wants regarding the PMO.

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