PC days are quite over

September 05 2010

“…. Someone dies each day and makes me tough to survive/ And time will take away this dew drop that rests on my lips.” The current affairs of India seem to be saying the exact same thing as above. The dance of death by Naxals and Maoists is at its peak, the problems in Kashmir are becoming worse and the law and order situation in the country is on the decline. In such circumstances, it is but natural for the home minister to be brought down. We wonder why he is getting into knots about the definitions of “Saffron terrorism”. Those loyal to Rahul and 10 Janpath are pulling him up, albeit subtly. Rahul Gandhi is miffed with P Chidambaram. One only has to notice Rahul loyalist Digvijay Singh’s attitude to Chidambaram. Then, recently, Rahul got his name removed from the home ministry’s permanent Parliament committee and is now a member of the standing committee of human resources development ministry. All prove that the coming days may prove to be tough for PC, both inside and outside the party.

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