PC vs MK

December 30 2010

Former National Security Advisor and current West Bengal Governor M K Narayanan and Home Minister P Chidambaram are having a face-off of sorts. While the home ministry is in favour of giving more powers to Darjeeling and is Chidambaram is giving a lot of importance to Gorkhaland leader Vimal Gurung. A few days ago, when under the leadership of Jaswant Singh, a group of Gurkha leaders met the home minister, then Chidambaram during a security meaning said that an Interim Regional Authority for Gorkhas in Darjeeling be formed that should act as the governing body during the Bengal elections in May 2011. But Narayanan, the Communist government of the state, and even Mamta Banerjee doesn’t agree with it. When Narayanan had visited Darjeeling, he wore a frown throughout

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