Pillai meets the PM

August 01 2010

When Cabinet Secretary K M Chandrasekhar’s tenure was extended by a year, it came as nothing short of a shock to the Pillai family. By then, due to spoilsport Pakistan, there was a sourness of sorts between Krishna and Pillai. The Home Secretary’s wife Sudha Pillai (Sudha Khanna before marriage) is a daughter of Punjab, an IAS officer and thus has old ties with Sardar Manmohan Singh, our prime minister. The Pillai family approached Singh with their woes. To make their stance more aggressive, this IAS couple told the PM, “Looks like the government doesn’t need us anymore. It will be better for us to retire from the services.” But it is understood that the PM, in his unique style, told them in a intimate way, “No, none of you will do anything of the sort. You have to go a long distance yet. Give us time to consider what other responsibilities can be given to you.” And the issue was solved.

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