PM-in-waiting Rahul

August 28 2011

Let’s begin the next issue with a question whether the successor to the throne had come to talk differently from the prime minister and government’s line of thinking. Or whether Rahul Gandhi was playing the internal politics in the party and taking it to another level. As it is Rahul has been interested in a number of sports; after India’s win in the World Cup Cricket, he had arrived at Salman Khan’s home in Mumbai where the celebrations had lasted all night. But this time Rahul didn’t feel the need to go meet Anna at the venue where he was fasting. In his speech, he mentioned the “mind-changing game” and a similar game has started within the Congress. The people who were involved initially have retracted and Rahul and his entire team has hijacked the Anna and Lokpal issue in a way. So much so that Rahul spoke to the prime minister about the matter only a couple of times and among the older politicians only Pranab Mukherjee is in constant touch. Old firefighters such as Ahmed Patel have also been sidelined; team Rahul didn’t even deem it important to even take Ahmed Patel’s opinion on the matter. Which means that the Lokpal is opening up the doors of new opportunities for the new guards of Congress. Team Rahul and sister Priyanka’s entry into the Parliament’s visitor gallery is probably hinting at the fact that “Kya tez jagmagati thi quatil ke haath mein/ ab uski aastin mein to khanjar bhi na raha”.

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