Son-father dialogue

April 03 2011

Pranab’s son Abhijeet, who is contesting the elections from a Congress ticket in Nalhati, was eager to take part even in the last Vidhan Sabha elections but Pranab da didn’t agree to it. He wasn’t ready this time either, and both father-son had a long dialogue about it. Father told son, “You are manager in a navratna company and you have a bright future. Tomorrow you can even head Sail (Steel Authority of India). Son replied, “When you entered politics after leaving your lecturer’s post, you were merely 35 years old. If you had dedicated your life to teaching, you would have become a principal in some college.” Father understood what the son was saying and anyways, Abhijeet’s win from Nalhati shouldn’t be so tough, considering Mamata is not putting her party person there. It is the fort of Trinamool and even the chairman of the Municipal Corporation belongs to the party, who Mamata pacified and convinced not to contest the elections. Abhijeet’s wife Jhumpa is also busy with campaigning for her husband. They have two children – an elder daughter and a son and both study in London. Mamata had offered Abhijeet a ticket from Trinamool but he didn’t agree to it. And now that the father has given his consent, too, he has also agreed to campaign for him. The father-son duo is set to do a foot march in the contested area on April 7-8.

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