A direct assault at Pawar

April 03 2011

Pawar is probably regretting using the word “Aakhein tarerna” against the Congress in the local elections. Matter after murky matter is coming to light and the association with Pawar in it, and Pawar’s heart is surely sinking. The way the 2G scam matter is revealing itself and the way Pawar connection is being established will be a matter of worry for this Maratha leader. The way the scam is connecting itself with the D-company via Shahid Balwa and Asif Balwa is astonishing and so is the chargesheet being filed by the CBI. It will file the entire chargesheet by April 25, and after which difficulties for several prominent leaders is set to increase, so much so that they might have to bail themselves out from the court. It looks like Anil Ambani may also have to pay for his friendship with Amar Singh in the past. P Chidambaram is trying his best to protect him but after all, he’s just one!

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