Joshi is ready to hit back

April 16 2010

Unfearful and undeterred, and eager to shed the burden of his past, Sanjay Joshi is upon coming out of the crisis of identity and integrity desirous of picking weapons for hitting back hard at his
opponents. Joshi knows who had done the work of putting acid in his roots – one Advani, Narendra Modi and that office-bearer in the Central office of BJP with whom Sanjay was never on good terms. Joshi was proud to be a swayamsewak but the insensitive Sangh even took away their tag from him in Rajgir. So Joshi is full of revenge and he has gathered a bagful of facts against his opponents. His facts had so much sharpness that Venkaiah Naidu went running to Gadkari and told this that what Sanjay was saying could not be dismissed by considering them to be baseless. His works and his fact carry a lot of weight. So, in the days to come, Gadkari could call Sanjay Joshi and discuss some
important issues with him. Is this an attempt to blunt a rebellious sword?

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