Karat’s worries

November 07 2010

Nowadays it seems that a fanatic Left party like the Marxist Communist Party is going the BJP way. There was a time when BJP was being Congress-ised. Looks like it is the Communist party’s turn. CPM has got a jolt by the Congress’ victory in Kerala. The state’s chief minister is blaming the party’s state secretary Vijayan for the same. The biggest problem is for the CPM Secretary Prakash Karat because Kerala is his home state; who will be blame for the grim situation of the party there? Initially he would blame West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb bhattacharjee for a weakening CPM. But Buddhadeb has his own explanation. He believes that the party hit rock bottom since it supported the Congress on the nuclear deal; he is also blaming Karat directly. The West Bengal comrades are now smug in their seats, wondering who Karat will blame for a growing Congress and a faltering CPM in his own home state.

  1. moda ślubna Says:

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