Goyal loses

September 19 2010

After being a dumb show in Assam, Vijay Goyal has asked the party high command to give him the responsibility of some other state than Assam. Sources say that for Goyal, Assam is a dry state and he is eyeing a full-of-cream state like Uttarakhand. And since the BJP government is in power there, there will be more scope for wheeling-dealing and less scoops. It is being said that Goyal can’t get along with Assam’s election secretary Varun Gandhi. It should be remembered that when both reached Assam for the Party’s Working Committee meeting, the entire crowd, supporters and vehicles gathered at the airport surrounded Varun and took him along with them. No one was left to receive Goyal. He then reached the meeting venue in a Nano and had to pay the driver. Mr Goyal, this is what politics is all about. The public knows the difference between two politicians and prefers one who is young and raring to go.

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