Patel’s club

September 25 2012

“Ek mutthi khaaq they, ek mutthi khaaq hain,
Unki marzi hai, hamein sehra karein, dariya karein.”
This couplet probably sums up the clout and power of Congress’ shining star Ahmed Patel. But there are reports that he has been hurt by the way an English magazine has used his name in the Coalgate scam. He is also said to be ready to retaliate. Everyone knows about how Patel doesn’t get along with the prime minister’s advisor TKA Nair, who has been with the PMO for a long time. So now the Patel camp believes that it was Nair who, through a Malayali journalist close to him, used Patel’s name in the Coalgate connection. Which means Nair may have to bear the heat of the retaliatory action from Patel in the days to come.

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