Two much for Maya

January 23 2010

But no, this matter is much more political than personal. Something is definitely cooking somewhere between Congress and SP. It is understood that an undeclared understanding has been reached between Congress and SP that to oust Maya from U.P. it was very essential that these two parties should come together. And for this it is also necessary that Congress and SP fight the 2012 U.P. Assembly election together. For this a 50-50 formula has also been discussed. So on half of the seats in the State, the Congress would field its candidate and on the other half SP would contest. In this matter, the Congress had a special condition that Amar Singh would not participate in the deliberations. So as per a plan, Ramgopal Yadav was given the charge to hound out
Amar. It can be comprehended that the fire that Ramgopal spewed
against Amar was being fanned by Netaji. And when SP could win just
one of the 36 seats in the State Legislative Council, then Mulayam
realised that how deep in troubled waters he was. So Netaji wasted no
opportunity in making Amar feel the heat.

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