Youth Congress is full of sons and daughters of politicians

August 29 2010

Congress’ heir-to-be Rahul Gandhi has been trying to change the face and personality of the party for a long time. He wants that the party be looked upon as an everyman’s party. But it’s not easy for him, considering the way an army of the sons and daughters of politicians are eying important party posts and are gradually gaining prominence; Rahul considers the scenario “alarming”. So much so that even the Youth Congress is teeming with such political families. Digvijay Singh’s son has recently entered the political arena via the Youth Congress. Apart from this, sons, daughters and relatives from Maharashtra Congress have a majority in the Youth Congress. Sons and daughters of Vilas Rao Deshmukh, Sushil Kumar Shinde, Patang Rao Kadam and Narayan Rane are at important party posts in Youth Congress. Other states are facing the same problem. In such a scenario, who will look at the Congress worker who is willing to work at the grassroots? This is Rahul’s biggest problem.

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