Netaji’s love for Etawah

January 14 2012

Everyone knows about Mulayam’s love for Etawah. His loving son Akhilesh Singh is a Parliamentarian from Kannuaj. When the problems of the potato farmers from the area reached Netaji, he was upset and was worried that their crop can’t reach the mandis. There are no takers for potatoes. A lot of times, the crop goes bad just sitting in the fields. Netaji asked an expert Rajiv Tandon to prepare a proposal on potatoes. The topic was: How to bring relief to the potato growers. The proposal was ready and Tandon brought it to Netaji, who asked to add Etawah to it. Later Netaji decided that if a potato processing unit was to be set, it will be in Etawah. Which means the farmers of Kannauj will continue to suffer.

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