Niira’s new secrets

December 10 2010

Niira Radia has come undone in front of the ED. According to sources, she has confesses on spending as much as Rs 167 crore on the media to find favour for some of her corporate clients. This includes buying an apartment in Manhattan for a prominent woman journalist from a TV news channel and given Rs 2 crore 20 lakh to a big journalist with one of the national dailies. She also has records of giving favours in cash and kind to several other significant journalists.

  1. muslimbhagawat Says:

    why not her all deposition is published in media?what prevents media to expsoe the lady journo whose name is known to all but no one wants to talk her name she is bdutt.the other is sekhar gupta most probably.bdutt was save by aj in rs when the question came up

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