Nitish’s Mauritius connection

June 18 2013

Away from wishes, wishful thinking, and speculation, a new stage is about to be set between the JD (U) and the BJP. The bitterness that comes from estranged relationships is becoming more and more evident. Nitish and Company has decided a course of action for itself. The BJP may be crying bitterly over the broken relationship, but this time it is not ready to kneel before Nitish. Some Vibhishans from the BJP itself are trying all they can to help Nitish. But a section of the BJP is also ready to give back to Nitish in kind and on target will be the clean and honest image that Nitish has built with the help of media. A rebel leader from the JD (U) tells without wanting to be named that the Central government is looking at ways to investigate Nitish’s Mauritius connection. This politician even reveals that this socialist leader has a significant share in the several five-star hotels that are being constructed in Mauritius, investments have been done, there is a lot of business interest but until there is some clinching evidence in terms of documents, even the BJP won’t say anything about it. Not even on the fact that Nitish is speaking too much.

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