Nitish’s arrow misses target

November 20 2013

After distancing itself from the BJP, Nitish’s boat in Bihar is rocking. Several prominent leaders of the JD (U) are ready to deflect from the party and getting ready to join the BJP. Several are in touch with Lalu Yadav’s RJD. It is being said that JD (U)’s current Parliamentarians, Purnamasi Ram and Mahabali Singh are ready to join the BJP. Purnamasi Ram belongs to the Dalit community and Mahabali Singh represents the Kushwaha community. A public survey in Bihar indicates that if the Lok Sabha elections are held now, the BJP may win 18-22 seats in Bihar, the Congress two, Ramvilas two, Lalu 10-14, and Nitish is in a position to win only four-six seats. This means that in the oncoming elections, Nitish stands to lose the most. Thus, Nitish wants to give the maximum tickets to those from the non-backward community so that he might manage to save his face by both the backward and non-backward communities.

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