Nishank gets a blow

January 26 2011

A fancy five-star hotel being built in Dehradoon is the cause of sleepless nights for the Chief Minister Nishank. It cost him dearly to lock horns with the doctor friend of a top BJP honcho. It is worth mentioning that this lady doctor is a lobbyist for a well-known industrial house in Delhi. When she stood her ground that the road to the five-star will be built on government land, come what may, the district magistrate didn’t agree to it. The chief minister then sided with the DM and told her off. But the BJP leader then started to conspire with Khanduri and Koshyari against Nishank, the chief minister was down on his knees and went to Delhi to apologise to the party leader, who then told him to apologise to the lady whose feelings he had hurt. The CM did exactly that and the political storm was averted.

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