Nitin Raj

August 10 2010

Nitin Gadkari and Raj Thackrey are not only Marathi manoos but also close friends who are there for each other through thick and thin. However, only Raj knows what Gadkari’s take is on north Indians who have come to Mumbai – does Gadkari, too, like Raj believe that these people are acting as carriers for malaria in Mumbai. Reminds one of Nana’s famous dialogue, “One mosquito makes a man clap like a eunuch.” Are you that beforehand? Maybe that’s why Gadkari considers Raj as his younger brother and when Gadkari has the Maharashtra BJP under him, we wanted to form a coalition with Raj Thackrey. Neither can stand it if they don’t get to speak to each other over the phone for even a day. But do we really need to ask what Gadkari has got from the BJP until now?

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